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About Sunrise Design

Some info about the studio and its founder.

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The Studio

Sunrise Design is a small web studio that was founded by Mike Brenner in 2006, shortly after graduating from the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Being a small business, Sunrise Design initially lacked some of the amenities that big companies offer their own; conference facilities, peer feedback, a separate "work" address. In Feb 2009, Sunrise Design became a founding member of Baltimore's first coworking space — Beehive Baltimore. It's a thriving community of freelancers and independents who have an interest in participating in a community that's designed to support and encourage those who make a living doing what they love. In the coming future, Sunrise Design hopes to continue growing while working from "the Hive".

Mike Brenner

Mike is the Founder + CEO at Sunrise Design and is currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been actively self-employed in website consultation and development for nearly 4 years and maintains a strong database of clients. Mike is passionate about offering his clients the most innovative solutions on the web. He is a strong advocate for web-standards and incorporates this as well as creative interaction in all of his web projects.

When Mike first moved to Baltimore, he saw a sort of disconnect from the "new media" crowd and made it a goal of his to help refresh the creative energy in the town. In 2008, Mike headed up the creation of Refresh Bmore, a community of local designers and developers that meet monthly to refresh the creative scene in Baltimore.

In 2010, shortly after becoming involved in his own startup experiment, Mike began searching for other startup-minded folks in the area by holding a bimonthly startup breakfast. After noticing a growing interest in the event, Mike organized a virtual community space called Startup Baltimore to serve as an online, self-service repository and news feed of all things related to startups in Baltimore.

  • Beehive Baltimore

    Beehive Baltimore is a community of freelancers, independents, entrepreneurs, and artists who want to augment the work-at-home lifestyle by working and participating in a community that's designed to support and encourage people who make a living doing what they love.

  • Refresh Bmore

    Refresh Bmore is a community of web-developers and designers who meet once a month to share ideas related to our industry. Our goal is to educate each other with new ideas so that we can help refresh the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Startup Baltimore

    Startup Baltimore Startup Baltimore is an emerging community of individuals who are actively interested in the startup space in Baltimore, Maryland. What started out as a bimonthly breakfast club has quickly turned into a network of local entrepreneurs and valuable resources sharing a common goal of producing successful startups in the region.

  • is an online directory of the Baltimore Tech Community. The site simply features People, Events, and Companies. Work in tech and live in Baltimore? Come join us!

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